A true Story behind Simone

Simone is tall, Blonde and has hazel eyes with figure size 34C 26 and 34. This lovley escort has long dirty blonde hair and sexy long legs. She loves to take care of body while spending two hours a day in her body spa. Blonde Simone knows very well how to take care of her clients. She can become too wild in her sex activities; you can’t even think that how she can go high with your body to give you more pleasure. We can say that  is the perfect High-class escort.
A Story behind her:

Was 21 years old and studying in the graduation last year. Simone wanted to join modelling as she was extraordinary beautiful and smart. She clicked her snaps and sent them to various modellig agencies.After started to get calls and offers to present herself before camera. Got fed up to prove herself but getting no valuable offers. In the mid Mr. B came to her by seeing her look in the paper. He was a member of an escort agency. First, he did not tell her to join the agency.  Just started to talk her once in a day. This men realized that how she got depressed with her professional and struggling life. She also started smoking and drink to give relax to her mind.
Now Mr. B and Simone became good friends. She told Mr. B about her mental situation. Also, financially she is going poor and poor. But she was intelligent and smart. In the mid she told Mr. B that how some directors and producers loved to see me naked. She also had to do sex with some seniors but gain nothing. Mr. B was very good by heart. Understand her feelings by heart. First, he relaxed her mind. He offer Simone to visit all Amsterdam with her.
Simone was ready to have walk and travel with him as he is only the person on which she trusted the most. They both visit many shopping moles, lakes and parks. They enjoyed a lot. In between Simone and Mr. B were feeling some thing special in their hearts. They booked the room in the hotel. When they entered in the room, Simone latched the room and started to give him a deep French kiss and they kissed for almost 10 mins with my tongue in her mouth.  Started to touch his penis. He was charged up and removed her blouse. He started to pinch her nipples and boobs. He sucked them like there is no tomorrow. Pinched her nipples kissing her earlobes, neck, lips. Was so high, her hand rubbing my cock on top of his pants. Removed his pants and underwear. She started to suck his penis and cock badly. It was really an awesome feeling. Kissed it, smelled it and started sucking it. Oh my God both were on cloud nine.
. Mr B also licked her pussy with a great way. Simone was mad in him and he was in her. When both got high, He pushed my dick into the vagina of the Simone. They did ups and down for twenty minutes with many positions. Enjoyed the sex and sex activities a lot. Finally, they did all sex for more than hour and finish it off.
Both were happy and Simone was relaxed. She said she never felt like it before. After that Mr. B realized that She can be a good escort as she is beautiful and sexy. He talked to her about his profession and offer her to enter in this profession. She was agreed as she was already in search of job. This is how she entered in the Beauty escort Amsterdam.
At present, she is our one of the best Amsterdam escorts. Clients are demanding her again and again. This mazing blonde girls  is on the top and she is happy now.