Tips for Hot , Sensual Christmas in Amsterdam

5 ways to make your Christmas in Amsterdam exotic and sensual

Amsterdam is a cool city to spend time in and the winter season is just special. You see the city lit up and people celebrating the holiday. It is that time of the year when you can take off from the mundane daily life and do something different. During Christmas, if you are visiting Amsterdam and looking for something sensual and exotic, then Amsterdam will have just the right things for you. Here is a list of 5 ways you can make your Christmas fun and sensual.

Sex Show

Amsterdam is one such place where you will never find a dearth of adult entertainment. There are sex clubs if you are interested and want to enjoy some nudity. If you are above the age of 18 years, you can get entry to the Casa Rosso. The location may remind you of a movie theatre, but inside you will get to see live sex shows, S&M and striptease. It will provide action for as long as you want it. The program can vary through the duration of the show and may include – couples fornicating in front of an audience, strip numbers, vibrator acts and lesbian lovers doing something naughty. It is a place that caters to everyone and all fetishes. There are quite a few surprises in the entertainment which may elicit a laugh from the audience. The theatre can seat up to 180 people and for some tickets, four complimentary drinks are included. Photography and videography are prohibited, so you can just go there with your friends and enjoy the evening. There are a few participatory or volunteer-based acts and it is up to you if you want to go or nominate your friend.

Escort Service

An escort for Christmas vacation is a good idea if you are single and looking for company. No one should have to be alone for the holidays. Secure, sensuous fun is what you get when you book an escort to spend time with you. It is more than getting physically satisfied as the woman will make conversation with you and do things that you want.

Want to go for a Christmas dinner?
You got it. Want to do a Christmas movie marathon with an escort? She is up for it. Escorts provide more than sex – it includes the company and your holidays can get better with great company.Beauty Escorts Amsterdam is top provider escort agency and has some of the best escorts and you will not be disappointed in them. The service is good and all the terms are clear. They make sure to keep things discrete and quiet if you want it that way. The escort will be of your choosing and she can please you sexually. Your nights can be hot and steamy if you prefer, after you have had that movie marathon. If you have certain kinks that need fulfilling then you can ask for that too and your needs will be considered when the escort comes over to spend time with you.

Strippers – Striptease Escort Service

Amsterdam has professional strippers who can make your evening more fun. Be it a sexy party or some one on one fun with a beautiful man or woman, adding strippers to the mix can lead to something exotic and sensual. Be it a party or some function, stripper escort girls from certified agencies can add special touches to the event. Professional and sexy entertainers, strippers will be naughty and nice at the same time. They can be flexible and their entertainment is quite interesting. Many of them are experienced and know how to connect with the audience and give them the most out of their time.

Unique bars

Everyone in Amsterdam have heard of unique bars such as the Bananen. For fifty Euros you can get any number of drinks and there are talented women at the bar who can do interesting things with makers, bananas and ping pong balls. You can also get glimpses of acts like a man getting on his backside by the female bartender and him enjoying it. There is a club upstairs and you can enjoy pretty women performing in various states of undress. You can also get individual lap dances. There is another bar where girls perform at the bar every 15 mins and give a strip show. You get lap dances and touch them above the waist for a price. This entertainment is completely sexy and naughty.

Gentlemen’s club

A Gentlemen’s club is basically a sex club for men. They can enjoy women during operating hours and have a good time. If you are in Amsterdam and this is your cup of tea, then you can choose this. There are private rooms as well and you can request private time with a woman too. If this isn’t what you want then just enjoy a sex club tour to see how things worked.

Amsterdam has plenty to offer in terms of adult entertainment. There are best escorts in Amsterdam and they are trained to give the clients a good time. A good escort will maintain hygiene while ensuring the clients’ pleasure.