3 Incredible days in surreal rapture with Sophie

I am Sophie and I am a high class escort in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam. I work in one of the top, legitimate escort agencies in Holland.
My customers, from all over the world, have often told me that one night of sexually charged jamboree with me has left their primal appetite satisfied for ages to come.
I would like to share with you one of my experiences with a client that was delightful and memorable, to say the least. He was Mr K and was a well-to-do executive in a multinational conglomerate. He had travelled from his office in Texas, US, to Amsterdam on business but holidays as well! He arrive in Amsterdam and staying by L’Europe Hotel Amsterdam and luxury hotel in the heart of Amsterdam! Right the way he get in contact with Beauty Escorts Amsterdam and arrange a metting …and lucky me !
Mr K was an efficient worker and it was no surprise that he finished the deal sooner than later. He had three days on hand for personal activities. He was a bachelor and his work had kept him busy for many months in a row. Hence, he had never been able to make time for pleasure and leisure.
Since he now had the time, Mr K decided to make the most of it. He did not want a one night stand kind of thing. He was more of the wine and dine guy who sought pleasure at an unhurried pace. He knew that escort services were legal in Holland. It was the best option for him to have the company of a beautiful girl and enjoy the picturesque locales of Amsterdam.
Mr K wanted to have a girlfriend experience with an intelligent, smart, and gorgeous woman. Thus, when he came across my profile at my agency’s website, he instantly made the choice to spend 12 Hours with me. He called up the agency and booked me for 12 hours and then we fit that well that we go in a adventure for another 2 days and half.
Mr K had never really seen Europe as a tourist and he decided to use this time to spend time travelling with me. He decided on nearby cities of Paris and Brussels besides spending a day in Amsterdam.
I Help him made the relevant arrangements for train tickets, hotels, restaurant reservations, and visits to major tourist hotspots, etc. We were soon on our way to famous Paris.
We arrive within an hour and took a luxury cab to our hotel. Mr K was fascinated by my beauty and our chat on the train had made him more intrigued. As soon as the concierge left the hotel room and closed the door, he took me into his arms and gave me one of the most passionate kisses ever. He grabbed my ample breasts with one hand and my shapely derriere with another, while simultaneously sipping the juices off my scented lips.
Within no time, he deftly undressed me and got undressed himself and we were on the king-size bed. I often like to massage or do a little something special to make my clients excited and invigorated for a sex-filled session of ecstasy. Since Mr K was already horny and full ready, I asked him if he wanted me to titillate him more. He agreed readily and I spent the next 10 minutes taking his body to places he never imagined it could reach. We then made the sweetest love for nearly 30 minutes and then lay fully spent on the bed, in each other’s sweaty, sweet-smelling embrace.
We later took a shower together, where we once again had wild sex. I was pleasantly surprised by his energy and the multiple orgasms that he had made me reach till then. After the shower, we tapped each other dry and dressed to take a tour of the romantic city of Paris.
Since Mr K liked to relax and enjoy each moment and aspect of Mother Nature as well as the concrete behemoth erections of man, we first took a trip to the Champs Elysee. We found a good place to unwind at this stretch of pristine avenue. Mr K took out the picnic mat and other items from the car and placed them on the grass. We lay down next to each other, sometimes talking and at other times just being immersed in the magnificent peaceful ambiance.
Time flew by and we visited a few other places in the vicinity just for the sake of checking them out. Later in the evening, Mr K took me to the restaurant in the middle of the Eiffel Tower and we had one of the most scrumptious meals of our lives. The romantic vibes in the air, the amazingly lit up tower, and the fantastic bird-eye view of the gleaming city only added to the overall joy passing across our bodies and minds.
We had an early morning train to Brussels the next day. So we had a quickie, and even that was great. We then slept like babies.
Brussels is one of the most striking cities in Europe. There are a few tourist attractions to see, but we mostly walked around malls and other commercial joints. I did some shopping at the insistence of Keith who paid for my opulence like a true gentleman that he was.
We spent the last day in my hometown of Amsterdam. Since it was my city, I took over as a guide and showed my affectionate man-friend client around. I wanted him to have the best girlfriend experience that he had ever had.
We did not go to all the hotspots, but I ensured that we toured the romantic areas and had lots of fun. We went to the Keukenhof flower gardens which he was amazed to see. The kaleidoscope of colors, the wide variety of flowers, and the eclectic scents just floored him. After a trip to Zaanse Schans and the Heineken Experience, we ended the trip at the Ice Bar. It was a unique experience for Mr K and both of us had a great time at the bar.
We ended our three day of joyous collaboration with one final night of fantastical wild sex and lovemaking in the hotel room that offered a fabulous view of the marvelous canal city. We bade goodbyes when the time came, with a warm embrace and an everlasting kiss.
I will always remember these three wondrous days!